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Journalists can’t be writers and activists on political causes

Australian journalists who signed the wave of pro-Palestinian petitions and letters have renounced their independence in reporting the conflict.

MICHAEL GAWENDA: Truths and myths about Australia’s ‘Israel lobby’

In this extract from his memoir, the ex-editor of The Age says the ‘lobby’ is relentless but the idea that it dictates Middle East foreign policy is both shocking and laughable.

‘Leo and Mina Fink were at the dock for virtually every ship carrying Jewish refugees’

MICHAEL GAWENDA: The Finks were part of that unique group of Jews who helped transform Australia’s postwar Jewish population into a vibrant, flourishing community

A new insight into the importance of ritual

MICHAEL GAWENDA: The pandemic has made me realise how much of my sense of being a Jew is tied up with the rituals of our Shabes dinners and celebration of the Yom Tovim

Warts-and-all portrait of an Australian powerbroker

Pugnacious community leader, confidant of prime ministers, advocate for indigenous rights - Mark Leibler’s influence is legendary. Michael Gawenda spoke to over 100 people for his just-released biography. DASH LAWRENCE asks him what he learned

Isaac would be proud: The Bashevis Singers’ Yiddish concert was sold out

The Melbourne trio launched their debut album of Yiddish music with a sold-out concert in St Kilda. DEBORAH STONE talks to them about their ‘labour of love’

Michael and Husky’s musical Yiddish adventure

A class in Yiddish led the former editor of The Age, Michael Gawenda, to collaborate with his son, musician Husky Gawenda, on an album of songs in Yiddish

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