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Welcome to Buttmitzvah, London’s most radical queer Jewish experience

The UK club night was created for those who feel too gay in Jewish spaces, yet too Jewish in gay spaces.

Gay Uncles’ Day: a great reason to celebrate

SHAUN MILLER shares the joy of a too-little-recognised relationship.

Gay filmmaker brings a soft lens to conversion therapy

ZVI LANDSMAN doesn’t believe in conversion therapy, but his film argues demonising it misrepresents the experience. He talks to ELHANAN MILLER.

South Carolina rabbi resigns citing State’s anti-LGBTQ laws

As more American states introduce restrictive laws, a gay rabbi with a trans child says the southern state has become a rough place for families like his.

She was a yeshiva boy, now she prays from the women’s section

Transgender teen Shachar Chefer transitioned while remaining active in her small religious community.

Record crowd at Jerusalem’s ‘most important ever’ pride parade

Facing fears judicial overhaul will destroy gains made by LGBTQ Israelis and worries about potential attacks, the parade was held under tight security.

‘Herschel Siegel killed himself before last Shabbat. I understand why’

An appalling 70% of Orthodox LGBT youth consider suicide. GAVRIEL WATTS was reminded why on his bar mitzvah anniversary last week.

Record number of anti-LGBTQ+ incidents in Israel in 2022

There was a drastic spike of public anti-LGBTQ+ harassment and discrimination against them in businesses. A quarter of all reports were since the last election.

“I love men and God, and this isn’t contradictory’

Prominent Orthodox Israeli journalist Yair Sherki came out this week in a bombshell social media post.

The tide is slowly turning for Orthodox LGBTQ Jews

‘To be an Orthodox gay person is to be afraid of yourself’ but new research by ORIT AVISHAI found hope among the hate and fear.

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