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The long road to restoring my faith in interfaith relations

If dialogue is to revive, Muslim and Christian leaders will need to take the lead and show us exactly where they stand on Hamas and Hezbollah.

‘I’d rather be a woke rabbi than a slumbering conservative’, especially at Pesach

RABBI RALPH GENENDE: If being ‘woke’ means possessing a strong social consciousness, a sense of justice and promoting inclusive policies, count me in.

Pesach in the face of Putin, women Vs male tyrants, Jewishness and ritual

RABBI RALPH GENENDE: The four questions for children at Seder are a springboard for how we should be interrogating each other in today's chaotic world

Intellectual giant with a common touch who continues to shape our lives

One year since his passing, Rabbi RALPH GENENDE salutes Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, whose fusion of Western intellectual and Jewish tradition made him one of Judaism's finest leaders

Why Australian synagogue boards and their rabbis lock horns so often

DEBORAH STONE: The synagogues are run by boards whose members are voluntary. They aren’t motivated by money but by ideology, power or ego - though not always in that order.

‘If we see the ice melting and the forests burning, we need to respond’

The rules of the Torah which legislate for the integrity of the environment are instructive, writes RABBI RALPH GENENDE, as he reflects on the centrality of the climate challenge

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