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Gideon Levy

Mission almost impossible: Gideon Levy finds things he loves about Israel

Gideon Levy was sent out on a mission to find 70 things he loves about Israel and came up with 67 – and that wasn’t easy, either

Gideon Levy: Time to abandon the two-state solution

In an address at Sydney University, the Israeli journalist says discourse should shift to a one-state solution based on equal rights, and pressure must come from civil society beyond Israel or US

What Australian Jewish community groups say about Gideon Levy

"On the far-left anti-Israel fringe of Israeli journalism" or a "thoughtful and important columnist, a clarion voice for human rights"? Plus61J asked four Jewish community leadership bodies for their views about Levy

Gideon Levy, the most controversial journalist in Israel

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Gideon Levy’s blistering criticism of the Occupation has so enraged the public that his paper, Haaretz, was once forced to give him a bodyguard. On the eve of an Australian speaking tour, he reflects on the path he has chosen and the day he went too far

Rabin ceremony a hollow reminder of the decline of the Left

GIDEON LEVY The Israeli left, a political movement that never raised a finger against the settlements, and which in fact is their founding father, wakes up for a moment every year

Eyes wide open, eyes wide shut

What I've seen in 30 years of reporting on the Israeli occupation – Gideon Levy, photos Alec Levac – Haaretz 03.06.17 The occupation has its...

Occupation Therapy 5

A series giving snapshots of everyday life in the 50th year of a military occupation that has impacts also within the Green Line. Israel army...

A culture of impunity?

Netanyahu: I still support pardon for Azariya – Nitzan Keidar – Arutz Sheva 23.02.17 Speaking on official Australia trip, Netanyahu talks about Azaria case for...

Dispossession of Palestinian agricultural land in the West Bank

Photo Blog: Expel and Exploit – Faiz Abu Remelh for B’Tselem Report December 2006 These photographs accompany a just published B’Tselem report that illustrates mechanisms...

The last leader of Israel’s founding generation

"The past is dead. You can't correct it. Focus on the future. You have to take risks… My own conclusion of how not to...

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