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Gidon Bromberg

Israel interested in EcoPeace plan to buy solar power from Jordan

Proposal is part of national strategy to increase renewables from 5% to 30% by 2030; Israeli officials warn of disaster as sewage flows in from across Gaza border

‘Water is the hostage in the Israel-Palestine conflict’

The Middle-East water crisis has been hijacked by an all-or-nothing political equation, eco-advocate Gidon Bromberg told a public lecture in Sydney. Paula Towers reports.

Desalination – the overlooked first step to Middle-East peace

Water issues are the low-hanging fruit of the peace process and can be resolved first, Melbourne-born eco-peace advocate Gidon Bromberg tells Elhanan Miller in Israel on the eve of his Australian visit

Gidon’s green mission for Middle East peace

An interview with Gidon Bromberg, founder of the unique NGO Ecopeace Middle East which brought clean water and energy to Gaza

VIDEO: Gidon Bromberg on why water security is national security

The Israeli Director of EcoPeace Middle East gives a TEDx talk on the importance of water to Israel’s national and regional security

Can Israel’s water help quench its thirst for peace?

Just 15 years after Israeli agriculture minister Rafael Eitan called on citizens to shower in pairs due to severe drought, Israel has achieved the...

Swimmers campaign to save Dead Sea

Swimmers campaign to save Dead Sea from disappearing – Sharon Udasin – The Jerusalem Post 16.11.16 Swimmers were from Israel, the Palestinian Authority, the US,...

Gaza won’t die quietly

Israel's 'death sentence' for Gaza's economy – Shlomi Eldar – Al-Monitor 05.10.16 Israel has been revoking the travel and import permits of Gaza merchants and...

Bridges over troubled water

New hope that water can be a bridge to Mideast peace - Gidon Bromberg & Hilik Bar – The Huffington Post 19.07.16Israelis and Palestinians...

Unequal access to water in West Bank

Palestinians say Israel caused their summer water shortage – Mohammed Daraghmeh & Daniella Cheslow – abc News/Associated Press 28.06.16 Former Australian Gidon Bromberg, of EcoPeace...

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