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‘Never seen anything like this’: Aussies watched war from their balcony

Colonel Keith Howard and his wife Joan were in the Golan Heights on a UN post-1967 truce posting, when the sky suddenly filled with screaming jets.

22 days and counting: Joe still hasn’t called and Bibi is worried

Biden sends clear message about life after Trump; Israel’s former UN envoy posts provocative tweet about getting the cold shoulder.

Jews and Druze unite to fight wind farm project in Golan Heights

Unlikely alliance is shifting distrust between Golan Druze and Jews, while in the Kidron Valley near Jerusalem, Jewish and Muslim residents are co-operating over sewage issues

Official new US maps show Golan as part of Israel

Announcement unlikely to spur Israelis to move to ‘new’ part of Israel. But Trump’s unilateral decision will help give Syria’s Assad legitimacy for territory annexed during civil war

UN Security Council rebukes US over recognition of Golan Heights

The other 14 members at open meeting support Syria’s sovereignty over strategic plateau and oppose Israel’s control of the Golan Heights

Trump’s Golan decision: Druze protest, EU won’t follow suit

The announcement, which prompted a weave of global criticism, will likely undercut the US’s ability to deter and punish states that engage in territorial expansion

In first, US drops all mention of West Bank ‘occupation’

In boost for Netanyahu, report also calls Golan ‘Israeli controlled’. Israeli study finds 45 settlements built on Palestinian land requisitioned by the army

Druze face calls to boycott their first elections in Golan

Pressures exposes deep rift over identity and future of the Israeli-controlled territory

Why doesn’t anyone know about Israel’s forgotten Stonehenge?

The stone circle at Rujm el-Hiri remains one of the most neglected archaeological finds in Israel. Experts are calling for it to be turned into a national park

1970 document confirms Israeli deception re key West Bank settlements

Secret 1970 document confirms first West Bank settlements built on a lie – Yotam Berger – Haaretz 28.07.16In minutes of meeting in then defence...

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