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Jewish Google worker says company silences Israel critics

Ariel Koren says she was asked to move to Brazil after opposing Project Nimbus. Google denies any wrongdoing and says it's proud to work with Israel.

Israel sponsors Google advert labelling Amnesty as ‘antisemitic’

Ad criticising the NGO appears at the top of search results on Google; finance giant Morningstar accused of boycotting Israel

Jewish Google staff lead push to cancel large Israeli government contract

Two Jewish employees are at the forefront of a petition urging Google and Amazon to cancel a contract to build cloud-based data centres for the Israeli government

Gaza: Airstrikes damage 17 hospitals, clinics and 50 schools

Gaza’s only Covid centre among those damaged; schools remain closed in Gaza and southern Israel; Jewish Google employees ask company to end its ties with Israeli military

Apple and Google accused of removing Palestine from maps after false info in post

The claims appear to stem from a viral Instagram post, which accused the pair of “officially removing” Palestine from their maps, despite it never being labelled in the first place

ADL tackles latest far right code for communicating online

Antisemitism watchdog adds (((echo))) symbol to hate list after Jews targeted – Alex Hern – The Guardian 07.06.16 The echo symbol is just the latest...

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