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Great Synagogue

‘Women of Worth’ explores finance, friendship and fashion

The annual program, which celebrates women’s resilience, passion and spirit, returns to Sydney’s Great Synagogue again this Sunday. PAULA TOWERS reports.

There must be consequences for those who engaged in Huwara pogrom

Chief Rabbi of the Great Synagogue in Sydney writes: This terrible event is calling on us to stand up for what is right and true. It must never be allowed to happen again.

‘I had never seen anything like them before’: Sydney’s mysterious rimmomim

Dr Jana Vytrhlik, curator of the Great Synagogue museum in Sydney, takes Steve Meacham on a tour of the collection and waxes lyrical about one of its gems

The problems with ECAJ’s submission on the religious discrimination bill

JULIE SZEGO: The ECAJ is straining to squeeze Jewishness by asking for laws that will allow Jewish nursing homes, schools and so on to service their own kind first

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