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Too much trauma, not enough compassion

The Greens should learn from their mistakes, take the lead and push for collaboration between Jews and Palestinians as steps to conflict resolution.

The Greens are not the problem

Israel is on track to become a pariah state. A politician’s slur in Australia merely reflects public thinking.

Palestinian cause ‘misappropriating’ Aboriginal flag: Peris

Prominent Indigenous leader Nova Peris calls on pro-Palestinian supporters to ditch the Aboriginal flag; Greens MPs fuel tensions over Gaza.

Why progressive Jews like me can no longer support the Greens

Until the party moves past binary thinking and acknowledges the complexity of the Middle-East, the Greens will continue to lose the Jews who believed in it.

Greens say they condemn antisemitism – but not with any conviction  

From Adam Bandt down, Greens statements on Israel and antisemitism have avoided spelling out the detail that conveys a sincerity behind their words.

Vale David Zyngier: warrior for public education, climate, Israel and justice

DAN COLEMAN pays tribute to the former Jewish school principal and councillor for the Greens, whose life was guided by his devotion to the common good.

In defence of the Greens’ policy on Israel Palestine

Jewish Greens LARRY STILLMAN AND DAVID ZYNGIER argue their party’s new policy on Israel and Palestine is fair and realistic.

Editorial: Australian Greens jettisoning Israel won’t help Palestinians

The Greens new ‘Resolution on Justice in Palestine and Israel’ is really a resolution for Palestinians against Israel.

Australian Greens say Israel is ‘practising crime of apartheid’, call for boycotts of far-right figures

The Greens have adopted a new policy position on Palestine and Israel which expresses concern that Israel's "ongoing colonisation of Palestinian land" is eroding the potential for a two-state solution.

Jewish and Green values ‘deeply aligned’: Caulfield candidate Iampolski

Jewish voters need to get past the manufactured narrative on Israel and vote on social justice issues, candidate RACHEL IAMPOLSKI tells ASHLEY BROWNE.

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