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Report: Palestinian activists’ phones hacked with NSO spyware

Israel lobbying US to reverse blacklisting of NSO; Congressman leading call against firm says campaign is not against Israel but against out-of-control hacking

Kremlin’s cyber strategy: thousands of Russian troll tweets in Hebrew

One of the world's leading experts on Moscow's overt and covert designs says Israel’s pivotal role in Russian strategic interests make it an obvious target

Israel’s Chief Rabbinate taking dangerous direction

The danger of the Chief Rabbinate’s databases – Seth Farber – The Jerusalem Post 18.03.17 This coming Monday, the Knesset’s Science and Technology Committee will...

Think tanks urge more aggressive US policy in Syria, ME

Think tanks beg: Give us war – Hannah Gais – LobeLog 27.10.16 Hillary Clinton’s impassioned defense of a no-fly zone in Syria last Wednesday may...

Clinton v Trump – 6 analyses with implications for Israel

Jay Michaelson & Jeffry Goldberg on effects of a Trump presidency for Israel & the ME; Josh Marshall, Gary Kasparov & Susan Hennessey on...

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