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Why is this night different? Israel’s democracy movement answers with a new haggadah

Israel’s holiday season has not stopped the protests. One of the most creative is a haggadah that intersperses the traditional texts with musings on freedom and liberation from such prominent voices as David Grossman, Etgar Keret and Nurit Zarchi.

The first haggadah in Ukrainian marks a community’s break with Russia

Ukraine’s Jewish community has long been Russian speaking but this year the festival of freedom called from liberation from the language of oppressors.

Seven new haggadahs to brighten your 2022 Passover seder

The main components of the Passover seder – a word that literally means ‘order’ – remain constant over time. But the style doesn’t have to stay the same

From ‘Seinfeld’ to WWII Morocco, an array of Haggadahs for every taste

Artists, comedy writers, a range of clergy and more have given the ancient text a modern spin in recent years

What the Torah can teach politicians about the Ten Plagues, and Covid-19

DAN COLEMAN: On the eve of the tenth plague, Jews were told to cooperate in the sharing the Paschal lamb. Fast forward to the pandemic: stay at home, share with your neighbours

Moses narrative tried to root out any attraction to Egypt

In the second of her two-part Pesach special, GILI KUGLER takes a further look at the alternative perspective of the Israelites' exodus

Exodus without slavery: An alternative history of the Israelites in Egypt

GILI KUGLER Biblical references indicate that the book of Ezekiel’s narrative of Egypt-without-slavery was a valid, alternative tradition

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