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Live with a sense of abundance

The lesson of Hanukkah is actually an empowering management principle – Ephrat Livni – Quartz 11.12.16 The Hanukkah miracle is but one example of ‘abundance...

It’s that time of year again!

Elon Gold: Why the Jews are better off without Xmas trees – YouTube 24.11.16 Must watch video, brilliant stand-up comedy ! And see: Azerbaijan plans Hanukkah party...

The trouble with latkes

The trouble with latkes – Elissa Goldstein – Tablet Magazine 03.12.15 Growing up in Australia, I loved almost all traditional Ashkenazi dishes. But Hanukkah’s greasy...

Hanukkah with spirit

Hanukkah with spirit in Yangon (Myanmar) – BBC News 04.12.15 For years there were just a handful of Jews in Yangon, but now the community...

Hanukkah and other geostrategic lessons

The danger in shaping current Israeli policies on the Hanukkah success-story – Calev Ben-Dor – Haaretz 03.12.15 The story of Hanukkah is indeed inspiring. But...

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