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Canberra opening of the Jewish International Film Festival

Join us for the premiere screening of Matchmaking, a Haredi take on Romeo and Juliet with plenty of laughs. Introduced by Uri Windt, publisher Plus61J Media. Tickets include drink on arrival.

I was sure the sun revolved around the Earth. That’s what they taught us in yeshiva

YOSSI NEWFIELD’S personal experience accords with a recent ruling that many Haredi schools in New York are failing to meet state standards for basic secular education.

From ‘tefillin wars’ to secular Shabbat dinner

A new study shows more Israelis describe themselves as “traditional” than “secular”, “modern Orthodox” or “Haredi”.

Israel 2048: A ticking Haredi time bomb

Today Haredim make up 13% of Israel's population. By 2048, that number will have almost doubled, an increase that will change the socio-political character of the state. COLIN SHINDLER ask whether Israel can survive its demographic trajectory.

Hear us sing: Women musicians raise their voices against discrimination

Frustrated by women's exclusion from their country’s music industry, a young singer-songwriter has formed an advocacy group to advance their profile – with immediate success

Study shows Philip Morris targeting Haredim to grow next gen of smokers

Tobacco behemoth spent 87%, nearly NIS 3 million, of its local advertising budget on ultra-Orthodox, despite community having the lowest smoking rates in the country

From Haredi to TikTok fashion influencer

Michael Dadon still regards himself as religious but his kippah and payot are now staple pieces in the vibrant outfits he flaunts on his TikTok.

Haredi community forces women to stay Orthodox or lose their children

ELANA SZTOKMAN: New research shows how rabbis and family apply communal and financial pressure to turn women who go ‘Off the Derech’ into pariahs.

Under-vaccination in Haredi Jews tied to US polio outbreak

America's first polio patient in nearly a decade was an unvaccinated Haredi man who brought the disease to the US. Now there is a state of emergency in New York.

Reform argues about kosher meat, Haredim about kosher phones

UK Reform report advocates stunning before slaughter; Haredim ignore rabbis’ demand for kosher phones

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