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Does Zionism even exist anymore?

ANSHEL PFEFFER: Since Israel became a reality, there's been no consensus on what defines Zionism, what it means and whether, between the Herzl cosplayers and haters, it still survives.

Fin-de-siecle Zionist artist who put Jewish women in charge of their own libido

LYNNE SWARTS: Ephraim Moses Lilien is renowned for his images of muscular Jewish men but deserves more recognition for redefining the independence of the Jewish female form

World Zionist Congress is no longer even close to a representative body

ELAN EZRACHI: the national institutions need major overhauling; it is time to move on and reconfigure the relations between Israel and world Jewry

Will Herzl’s inclusive Zionism be consigned to the dustbin of history?

OSCAR KASPI-CRUTCHETT: Herzl’s founding vision is being replaced by a more illiberal narrative about pioneering the Jewish people onwards. But will it be an Israel worth fighting for?

Love triangle that changed the course of Zionism

The end of a love affair at the very top of the British government helped pave the way for the issuing of the Balfour Declaration about a national homeland for the Jewish people

Israel will face growing pressure over settlements

Top Obama adviser: Israel to face growing pressure over settlements, peace process impasse - Barak Ravid - Haaretz 09.11.15 “For Israel, the more there is...

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