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What Israel should  be doing inside Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital

By helping to treat the wounded, the IDF has an opportunity to fulfill its aspiration of being the world’s most moral army.

EDITORIAL: Gaza a moral minefield that has exploded in Israel’s face

A legitimate war against Hamas has spiralled into a humanitarian catastrophe of irreconcilable choices.

Pressure ramps up on Hamas in Gaza as hostage negotiations emerge

IDF closes in on Al-Shifa hospital believed to house Hamas command centre; injuries from Lebanon missiles; reports of hostage negotiations.

War latest: Israel not responsible for hospital blast, hostage video, aid deals

US intelligence has determined a Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket was responsible for deaths of 471 civilians in a Gaza hospital.

Australian peacebuilders want to take injured Gazans to Israel 

Project Rozana has proposed the Australian Government fund a triage hospital in Gaza.

Wrong baby: Systemic failures exposed in Israel’s IVF implant mix-ups

An Israeli hospital has been involved in two cases of implanting embryos into the wrong woman. ELANA SZTOKMAN reports on the messy legal and ethical fallout.

Arab medical sector booming, with nearly half of Israel’s new doctors

Venture capital is embracing the opportunity to integrate the Arab sector into the start-up nation mentality.

Biden considering visit to East Jerusalem in Israel trip in late June

Visit to the predominantly Palestinian area of the city would likely be seen as a gesture of support for the Palestinians

Seven new haggadahs to brighten your 2022 Passover seder

The main components of the Passover seder – a word that literally means ‘order’ – remain constant over time. But the style doesn’t have to stay the same

Israeli field hospital in Ukraine due to open today

As teams arrive, debate rages over Israel’s divisive refugee policy: government tells High Court not to intervene, David Grossman expresses ‘deep sense of shame’

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