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house demolitions

Netanyahu and the Palestinian Authority

Netanyahu fears Palestinian Authority collapse that he helped induce – Peter Beinart – Haaretz 06.01.16 The PA is a narcotic for Israelis: It allows them...

Demolish only Palestinian family homes?

High Court seems to think that only Arabs need deterrence – Amir Fuchs - Haaretz 24.11.15 The Israeli High Court's claim that home demolitions need...

High Court: no need to demolish Jewish terrorists’ houses

High Court approves demolition of five terrorists' houses – Chaim Levinson – Haaretz 13.11.15 house demolitions are permitted because of their deterrent effect, the...

Demolitions of family homes

Families given 72 hours to evacuate homes before punitive demolitions – Ma’an News agency 16.10.15                  ...

The million-dollar question

Bibi blames everyone but himself for recent violence – Shlomi Eldar - Al–Monitor 12.10.15 Even if all the actors that Netanyahu lists at every turn...

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