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Battle for Budapest synagogue linked to Orbán government

Hungarian Jews are accusing Chabad of usurping control of their community organisation by cultivating links with the Hungarian government.

My family’s delicatessen: a story straight out of the Bible

MICHAEL VISONTAY: A century ago, a New York bookseller caused a sensation by selling his Gutenberg Bible, leaf by leaf. The bookseller was also a distant relative of mine and his gamble helped resurrect my family when they arrived in Sydney from Hungary.

Jews barred from high office in Bosnia, campus antisemitism in US

Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban sparks outrage as discrimination spreads

My grandfather’s middle wife: the invisible woman

MICHAEL VISONTAY: Finding the woman who’d been left out of our family’s Holocaust history helped me to reconnect with my father, my family, and my past

Right-wing leader Orban claims fourth-term victory in Hungary’s election

Viktor Orban’s victory extends his 12-year rule; results project the far-right Mi Hazank party to cross the five per cent threshold to enter parliament

Report: ‘Hungary and Poland bought NSO spyware after Netanyahu meeting’

Probe suggests some Pegasus attacks overlapped with meetings between Netanyahu and country leaders; Israeli military secretary spotted partying with NSO executives

How Brooklyn became the biggest Hungarian city outside Budapest

TAS TOBIAS: While few Chasidic Jews remained in Hungary after the Holocaust, Hungarian culture lives on among more than a 100,000 ultra-Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn

Orban uses politics to make Hungary an unlikely leader in kosher foie gras

The right-wing government is using its weaponisation of xenophobia to present Hungary as the guardian of liberties that are being curtailed elsewhere in Europe

Israeli who killed alleged Nazi collaborator Rudolf Kasztner dies at 88

Ze'ev Eckstein, who worked for an underground right-wing group, shot Kasztner in 1957 for his alleged collaboration with the Germans in Hungary

Bianca’s gift to John: ‘I’ve gone back to acknowledging my background’

Hungarian-born John Havas tells MIRIAM HECHTMAN how his daughter Bianca helped him get back in touch with the Jewish roots he had buried

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