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Britain’s moment of reckoning with the Windrush generation

The government’s attempt to turn its back on a shipload of Caribbean migrants who settled in the country 75 years ago has exposed Britain's uncomfortable relationship with diversity.

How Jewish immigrants gave US magazines their aesthetic and style

The NY Jewish Museum’s exhibit ‘Modern Look: Photography and the American Magazine’ shows how exiled artists influenced Harper’s, Vogue and Vanity Fair

More than half of migrants to Israel in 2018 not recognised as Jews

Jewish status of 54% of new arrivals in doubt, and will face problems marrying due to Orthodox monopoly on religious life

US Jews at odds over Holocaust analogies regarding detention centres

Groups are clashing over legitimacy of invoking Holocaust in protests about US policy to separate illegal immigrants from their children

The Brazilians are coming: Samba rhythm on the streets of Tel Aviv

From the infrastructure to the location, and a welcoming vibe, the satellite community of Ra'anana has become a magnet for Brazilians fleeing their country’s economic woes

Israel from the perspective of Passover

Israel makes sense only from the perspective of Passover – Giles Fraser – The Guardian 07.04.17 The Hebrews invented freedom and were called to be...

Dr Seuss would have despised Donald Trump

Dr Seuss satirised “America First” decades before Donald Trump made it policy – Molly Gottschalk – Artsy 03.02.17 Were Theodor Geisel—better known as Dr Seuss—alive...

Jewish opponents of Trump’s anti-refugee, anti-Muslim push

Jewish advocates slam Trump for ‘ironic’ anti-refugee push in Holocaust Remembrance Week – Josh Nathan-Kazis – The Forward 25.01.16 What would've happened to millions of...

Police chief’s poorly expressed comments anger Ethiopian Israelis

Israel police chief says it is natural to suspect Ethiopians of crime – Peter Beaumont – The Guardian 31.08.16 Roni Alsheich condemned for comments, which...

The Donald Trumps of Europe (and Australia)

Meet the Donald Trumps of Europe – Anthony Faiola - The Washington Post 19.05.16 The new breed of nationalists in Europe are more disarming than...

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