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The Hindu nationalists using the pro-Israel playbook

Hindu-American organisations are advancing a concept of “Hinduphobia” inspired by Jewish groups that cast criticism of Israel as antisemitism.

‘I thought they would kill us’: Indian Jewish community forced to flee after vicious attacks

Two Israelis, 59 Palestinians hurt as military separates clashing civilians in Burqa.  

Indian Jews caught in ethnic crossfire: one killed; synagogues torched

The Bnei Menashe community is begging Israel to rescue them after homes and synagogues were burned in a flare-up of sectarian violence.

Why are Hindus and Muslims in India worshiping dead Jews?

Among the tombs venerated by Hindus and Muslims is a Jew-turned-Sufi saint whose severed head recited love poems and a Yemenite Kabbalist with supernatural powers.

Artist reveals the beauty of India’s historical synagogues

A new ew exhibition of watercolours captures India’s rich Jewish heritage through its more than 40 synagogues

From Kolkata to Cochin, the surprising landscape of Indian Jewish food

Separated by geography and language, there's not much that might seem to connect India's five dwindling Jewish communities – except praying in Hebrew, and food

French leader rang Bennett to ensure Israel dealing with NSO claims

Indian opposition accuses PM Modi of ‘treason’ over use of NSO; questions over whether Israeli government was aware of NSO clients’ surveillance targets

‘A race against the clock’ to capture Sephardi and Mizrahi histories

REBECCA DAVIS: After years of neglect from the Australian community narrative, a new project will ensure the voices of Jews who lived in Islamic lands are preserved forever

To watch India’s tragedy is to experience emptiness

RALPH GENENDE: This pandemic is a reminder that we are all interconnected and no country can go it all alone

Israel considers sending aid to virus-ravaged India after official request

Government bans entry to tourists from India over fear of new Covid strain; young, low-paid Israelis choose not to go back to work

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