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The Instagram rebranding of Judaism’s most intimate questions

Can modest women wear sexy lingerie? When can a woman on fertility treatment go to the mikvah? For Orthodox women, social media is providing a new forum to manage the complexities of observing family purity laws.

‘We both feel a bit like an outsider but we connect through humour’

Justine Sless and Noè Harsel co-host Sless to Harsel, an Instagram TV show where they share their enthusiasm for books and writing

‘I think people want a chance to laugh at the things we hold sacred’

Shoshana Gottlieb’s Instagram page JewishMemesOnly has turned the Chabad-educated Sydney woman into an internet celebrity. NELL COHEN asks her about the secret of her success

WATCH VIDEO: Martin Lazar, the South African dad you wished you had

Erin Rosenberg talks to Melbourne architect Moyshie Elias about how his affection for South African football dads inspired him to create Martin Lazar, star of a series of hilarious Instagram videos

UK rapper’s social media accounts frozen after anti-Semitic posts

Wiley dropped by his management over anti-Semitic posts; his Twitter account also temporarily locked while Instagram said it had deleted some of his content

Apple and Google accused of removing Palestine from maps after false info in post

The claims appear to stem from a viral Instagram post, which accused the pair of “officially removing” Palestine from their maps, despite it never being labelled in the first place

The Orthodox intimacy coach, talking about sex on Instagram

Bracha Bard-Wigdor, 32, has a huge following across the United States for her practical, blunt advice about an unmentionable topic

Ultra-Orthodox women find a social media sweet spot on Instagram

The platform gives them something the all-male Chief Rabbinate can’t: 20,000 followers

The unlikely rise of Haredi filmmakers, men and women

Long isolated from secular society, Haredim Jews are turning to creating cinema in increasing numbers – even those who have never seen a film

The Erdoganisation of Israel

The Erdoganisation of Israel – Yehuda Bauer – Haaretz 04.05.17 The Israel of 2017 stands firmly on the anti-liberal global continuum and is clearly undergoing...

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