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Interior Ministry

Israel apologises for harassment of NIF executive

Israel apologises for detaining Jewish American non-profit executive at airport – The Guardian 10.02.17 Jennifer Gorovitz, vice-president of the New Israel Fund, said she was...

Landmark ruling re asylum for Eritreans in Israel

Landmark ruling gives new hope to Eritrean asylum-seekers in Israel – Ilan Lior – Haaretz 05.09.16 The Interior Ministry has rejected the asylum requests of...

Court emphasises unity and diversity of the Jewish people

Will Supreme Court's bite out of rabbinate monopoly be upheld? – Amanda Borschel-Dan -– The Times of Israel 01.04.16 In a landmark judgment, Supreme Court...

‘As dramatic as the shift from biblical to rabbinic Judaism’

What happens when two Jews means two different peoplehoods? - Amanda Borschel-Dan - The Times of Israel 14.03.16 The clash between much of the Diaspora...

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