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A Jewish approach to balancing free speech and public safety in the internet age

A recent decision shows how extreme US courts can be in defending free speech. Jewish values recognise hate speech doesn’t deserve protection. Jay MichaelsonJuly 7,...

Jewish journalist dives into darkest corners of the internet

The US author of 'Culture Warlords' discusses what she learned about white supremacy, anti-Semitism, and swords

Haredim lockdown could change ultra-Orthodox mentality

Data also shows 75 percent of Jerusalem cases are Haredi, Bnei Brak residents face suspicion; expert says pandemic could deepen individualist trends in Haredi society

Shimon Peres’s high-tech vision for the Middle East

Peres’ secret Marshall Plan for the Middle East – Ben Caspit – Al-Monitor 03.10.16 Shimon Peres, as president, worked relentlessly to engage Israel, the Palestinians,...

Misogynist pick for IDF chief rabbi

Israel's army doesn't need a rabbi to settle 'debate' on wartime rape – Noah Feldman – BloombergView 14.07.16 ‘A close analysis of his comments and...

Trump and the decline of civilization?

The Prophet and Trump – Paul Berman – Tablet Magazine 15.05.16 The unfathomable harbinger of doomsday? Or just a political blip? “People today are incapable...

Digital temptations – Haredim just can’t stop surfing

Ultra-Orthodox rabbis in Israel are losing the internet war - Ruth Eglash - The Washington Post 12.05.16 Read article here And see: Haredi rabbis face an impossible...

Ultra-Orthodox women open new businesses July 12, 2015

Ultra-Orthodox Women Open New Businesses - The Media Line 18.06.15 Read full article here

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