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How cooking has helped my wellbeing during the war

I’m not suggesting that we bury our heads in the kitchen. But cooking has been a welcome antidote to my sense of grief and a reprieve from grim news.

Israel must not make the same mistakes America made in Iraq

DANIEL KURTZER, US Ambassador to Israel in 2003, passed on warnings to US leaders against an extended occupation in Iraq after the fall of Saddam. He has three pieces of advice for Israel now.

How a project reconnecting Middle Eastern Jews to their former homes became big in Saudi Arabia

ELHANAN MILLER interviewed Mizrahi Jews about their former lives in Baghdad, Aleppo and even Port Sudan, and struck a chord in the Arab world.

Archival documents expose Israeli culpability

Historians delve into Israeli responsibility for poisoning of Palestinian fields, a murder previously blamed on Palestinians and – more dubiously – the bombing of Iraq’s Jewish community in the 1950s.

Iran riot police deployed after 67 arrested in Isfahan over water shortage

Iraq also facing reduced water flow due to Turkey dam program; thousands of Jordanians, including activists and politicians, protest energy-for-water deal with Israel

‘A race against the clock’ to capture Sephardi and Mizrahi histories

REBECCA DAVIS: After years of neglect from the Australian community narrative, a new project will ensure the voices of Jews who lived in Islamic lands are preserved forever

Remembering the ‘Farhud’, Iraq’s version of Kristallnacht

Eighty years on from 1941, PHILIP MENDES reflects on a massacre that made Iraqi Jews lose faith in their future, prompting a mass migration to Israel. Today only four are left

Iraq’s Jewish community shrinks to just four

With the passing of a doctor who treated the poor for free, one of the world’s oldest Jewish communities has only four Jews remaining

Nearly half the Jewish sites in Syria have been ruined: culture report

Among the most endangered structures are the Bandara Synagogue in Aleppo, Syria, and the Synagogue of the Prophet Elijah in Damascus, the researchers found.

Iran conflict: US withdrawal from Iraq is Israel’s worst-case scenario

Leaked letter showing US desire to leave the region is chief cause of concern, despite Trump showing the limits of Iran’s power during missile face-off

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