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What can Jerusalem learn from Belfast’s 25 years of peace?

On 10 April 1998, the British and Irish signed the Good Friday agreement ending decades of entrenched violence. ITTAY FLESCHER considers what it would take to reach a similar agreement between Israelis and Palestinians.

Lessons from Ireland: ‘Killing didn’t advance change; politics has’

ITTAY FLESCHER visited Belfast to learn how the British and Irish resolved their troubles, and saw how empathy for the other side is crucial to building peace

Irish envoys: Strong leadership, no early concessions key to peace talks

Northern Irish negotiators at Tel Aviv conflict resolution conference explain crucial factors in resolving conflict

Why a group of Orthodox women flew to Belfast to discuss peace

Two dozen religious Israelis met with an Irish priest. It sounds like a joke but last October Rabbi Tirza Kelman found herself flying to Belfast with a group of Israeli religious figures

Israel’s new Palestinian land-grab law

Left-wing NGO Peace Now estimates some 4,000 homes are affected, while right-wing NGO Regavim puts the number at about half that figure. The Jerusalem...

Israel’s quiet success at the IAEA

30 years after whistleblower Vanunu, Israel’s nuclear profile has become a virtual non-issue – Chaim Levinson – Haaretz 02.10.16 In contrast to its behavior in...

Brexit: should EU sicken, Israel will suffer too

After Brexit vote, Israeli prof warns: ‘When the EU is sick, Israel will suffer’ – Ralph Ahren – The Times of Israel 24.06.16 Jerusalem will...

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