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50 years since martial law revoked for Arab citizens

When the Israeli Right was the one fighting for Arabs' freedom – Ofer Aderet – Haaretz 03.12.16 Fifty years after Israel revoked the martial law...

Left out: The rise of the Israeli right

Left out: The rise of the Israeli right – TLV1 Podcast 09.09.16 Colin Shindler, Prof. Em. of Israel Studies at the School of Oriental...

70 years after the King David Hotel bombing

70 years later, perpetrator and victim recall King David Hotel bombing - Ofer Aderet - Haaretz 23.07.16Shoshana Levy Kampos remembers clearly what happened when...

Who’s a ‘terrorist’, who a ‘freedom fighter’?

When is a terrorist a terrorist? – Shlomi Eldar – Al-Monitor 13.04.16 In his 1987 book ‘Terrorism: How the West Can Win’, Netanyahu distinguishes between...

Xenophobia, racism are trumps

Israel silenced Meir Kahane. Should the US do the same with Trump? – Liel Leibovitz - Tablet Magazine 11.12.15 In curbing the rise of an...

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