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‘I no longer belong to ISIS, I want Hamas to… let me live a normal life’

Poverty and unemployment in Gaza drove many young men to join ISIS; Hamas tortured and imprisoned them. One young man tells RAMI AMAN his story

Two Israelis shot dead by terrorists in Hadera, attackers killed by police

12 injured in attack; shooters may have been connected to ISIS; Israeli officials warn of escalation ahead of Ramadan

Terrorist who killed four Israelis had served four years in jail over Islamic State ties

Mohammad Ghaleb Abu al-Qi’an, shot dead by armed civilians, tried to recruit people to ISIS; he had been called ‘a ticking bomb’; right-wing activists rally at Beersheba attack site.

Bennett’s meeting with Biden delayed after explosions at Kabul airport kill dozens

Meeting postponed by 24 hours after two ISIS bombings leave dozens dead; Bennett expected to focus on slowing Iran nuclear program

Israeli intelligence thwarted planned ISIS bombing of Australian flight

Australian government confirms reports that an Israeli military unit provided information that led to the arrest of two men who were plotting to blow up an Etihad flight out of Sydney

Report: Israel attacked over 100 ISIS targets in Sinai with Egypt’s OK

The New York Times story claims the attacks occurred over two years. The Israeli Censor’s Office has stopped local media from reporting on the alleged operations

Iraqi teenager’s brave diary about life under ISIS oppression

Captured by ISIS for months in Mosul, Iraqi teenager Ferah took out her iPad and wrote on her Facebook page; just a few lines each day

Egypt a victim of its own long-term neglect of the North Sinai

The country’s leader Sisi must remember something his predecessors forgot: the Bedouin tribes of North Sinai could be his allies

Despite collapse of the caliphate, ISIS fighters remain loyal to the cause

Although there is some evidence of local ISIS forces in Iraq abandoning the fight, ISIS’s foreign volunteers are much more likely to fight to the death or regroup

The enemy of my enemy: how Neo-Nazis and ISIS found common ground

Although they may seem politically at opposite ends of the spectrum, that has not stopped one extremist group supplying arms to the other

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