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Islamic Jihad

Gaza strike will ultimately change nothing

Israeli and Palestinian analysts agree the current operation in Gaza will not change the trajectory of the conflict, reports BEN LYNFIELD.

Gaza explodes: Palestinian and Israeli civilians dead, more Islamic Jihad leaders assassinated

An Israeli raid killed leading terrorists but set off escalating violence on the Gaza-Israel border, killing Palestinian civilians and sending hundreds of rockets into Israel.

Rockets blind us to the human on the other side

ITTAY FLESCHER: Just last week, Israeli and Palestinian families met for a beach day in Tel Aviv. But when hostilities resume, we can't see there are victims across the border, too.

Video shows IDF bulldozer dragging Gazan’s body after border incident

Army says it shot two Palestinians after they tried to set explosives near border fence; says it bombed Islamic Jihad in Syria, Gaza after rocket fire aimed at southern Israel

Shaky Gaza ceasefire holds but new round of violence expected

After two days of fighting that left 34 Palestinians dead and 63 Israelis injured, opposition lawmakers Lieberman and Lapid say further conflict is only a matter of time

Israel’s message to Hamas after Gaza rockets: pull Islamic Jihad into line

IDF launches measured strikes on Hamas targets following rockets that appear to have come from Islamic Jihad; government faces prospect that war in Gaza is just a matter of time

Two rockets fired at Tel Aviv from Gaza: no injuries or damage

Sources say Islamic Jihad behind the attack. Iron Dome intercepts one rocket; second falls in open area; Netanyahu calls emergency security meeting

Nine Palestinians killed after series of attacks from Gaza

Three boys who tried to place explosive near border fence hit by IDF, which followed earlier deaths of six in retaliation for attacks by Islamic Jihad

Israel, Hamas manage to find uneasy calm after explosive Gaza flare-up

Both sides find themselves drawn closer to all-out war even though neither wants an open conflict. The hand of Iran may be at work

Following new Hamas document, Islamic Jihad takes separate stand on the battlefield

The discontent of Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party with Hamas’s revised policy document, which recognises the pre-1967 lines as the realistic basis for a future...

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