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Australian PM speaks out on antisemitism

Anthony Albanese has described the rise in antisemitism and Islamophobia as the worst social disharmony Australia has experienced in his lifetime.

Extra funding for Australian Jewish community security

Victoria Police say they will lay charges on anyone who uses the Nazi salute, after new legislation banning the gesture came into effect last week.

Plan to open mosque in London’s Golders Green sparks outcry

Move to turn Golders Green Hippodrome into an Islamic Shia centre has seemingly split the local Jewish community, with some reactions being labelled 'Islamophobic'

Pauline Hanson’s burka stunt points to a wider problem in Australian society’s attitude towards Muslims

Hanson’s speech coincide with a new study on Islamophobia in Australia which confirmed what many of us perhaps already knew: Islamophobia is on the...

Jewish community shows solidarity with Muslims in London

London mosque attack: Jewish community quick to show solidarity with Muslims – Daniella Peled – Haaretz 20.06.17 Monday's vehicle-ramming incident outside Finsbury Park mosque came...

Religious Zionism growing darker?

Religious Zionism (Tziyonut Datit; or Dati Leumi ‘National Religious’; or Kippah seruga, literally ‘knitted skullcap’) is an ideology that combines Zionism and Orthodox Judaism. The...

The day I – a Jewish journalist – made a plea from the heart at an ‘Israel-Palestine’ slugfest.

The topic for the night was “Social justice, Israel and Palestine”. Religions for Peace Australia, an outfit affiliated with the New York based Religions for...

John Safran – ‘Depends What You Mean by Extremist’

John Safran takes on antisemites, the loony left and rabid right – Stephen A Russell – The New Daily 29.04.17 John Safran makes a point...

Turnbull exploits anti-foreign, anti-Muslim sentiments

Malcolm Turnbull forges ‘values’ into political weaponry – Michelle Grattan – The Conversation 20.04.17 Malcolm Turnbull’s spectacular elevation of 'Australian values' raises questions about his...

Findings: Islamophobic attitudes very low in Australia

Australians aren’t as Islamophobic as we’re led to believe – Riaz Hassan – The Conversation 27.02.17 Research in the US and Europe shows Islamophobia is...

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