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Ismail Haniyeh

Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh re-elected for second term

Haniyeh has controlled its political activities since 2017, including the 11-day conflict in May

Hamas is a still a long way from renouncing terror

RAN PORAT: It is overly optimistic to assign any credibility to the recent letter sent by the Palestinian Authority to the US which claims that Hamas has committed to dropping armed resistance

Abbas receives reconciliation letter from Hamas leader

Hamas political chief Ismail Haniyeh affirmed the group’s readiness to end internal division and achieve reconciliation; Abbas earlier announced agreement with Hamas to hold elections

Hamas leader’s unspoken agenda in tour of the region

ZVI BAR'EL: As Ismail Haniyeh tours the Mid-East to gain support for Gaza, his deeper aim is to pitch himself as the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people

Distress of Gaza’s civilians forces Hamas to become more flexible, considering unity government

Terror organization finally agrees to pay for some of Strip’s electricity, signaling shift in policy Hamas finds itself at Egypt's mercy (Al-Monitor) Despite Hamas' apparent rapprochement...

Egypt gets closer to Hamas

As Qatar crisis rages, Egypt gets closer to Hamas – Zvi Bar’el – Haaretz 18.06.17 As the diplomatic crisis surrounding Qatar continues, Cairo, Hamas and...

What now for Israel, Hamas and the people of Gaza?

Will the Saudi-Qatar clash push Hamas into a dangerous corner? – Avi Issacharoff – The Times of Israel 07.06.17 As Gaza’s economy sinks, its ruling...

New Hamas document now followed by new leader

Ismail Haniyeh was elected yesterday to replace Khaled Meshaal. The 1988 Hamas charter remains ’as an historic document that relates to a particular moment...

Hamas dilemma over new border fence

War or peace: what summer 2017 holds for Hamas and Israel – Yossi Melman – Middle East Eye 13.04.17 Will a new US$1bn Israeli border...

Hamas to accept state with pre-1967 borders – Abbas asks Trump for same

New Hamas Charter would name ‘occupiers,’ not ‘Jews,’ as the enemy - Ian Fisher & Majd Al Waheidi – The New York Times 09.03.17 New...

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