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Israel and Middle East

70 years on, Israel is closing the window opened during its creation

AKIVA ELDAR The successors of the 1947 Israeli leadership are leading the country toward the elimination of the opportunity opened 70 years ago to divide the land between two people

‘I may not know much about religion but I know a lot about patriarchy’

EETTA PRINCE-GIBSON Knesset member Aida Touma-Sliman is a Palestinian, an Arab, an atheist and feminist who fights for all Israeli women

Running on empty, but Gaza City still keeps going

Gazans have restored a hesitant bustle to their colourful markets, parks and grand Byzantine buildings – but the crushing monotony remains

Deported African asylum-seekers face torture or worse

What the deportees expect to face in Rwanda is the beginning of a journey of human trafficking, torture and in many cases death.

Is Netanyahu’s party seriously planning to divide Jerusalem?

BEN CASPIT Slow-burning Likud Proposal to partition capital is designed to preserve Jewish majority and perhaps a move to annex settlements

Israeli politician: Visiting gay nephew’s wedding was about family

“Every Sephardic family has one of each kind: Haredi, secular and gay. We embrace them all,” former Shas MK who was forced to resign over attending the wedding

Aleppo is liberated but the carnage of Syria’s conflict continues

Residents of the city return to take stock of the devastation, as the war suffers its bloodiest month of the year

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