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UK man jailed after refusing to grant his wife a Jewish religious divorce

Man from Manchester area receives 18-month sentence for controlling or coercive behaviour after court hears he withheld ‘gett’

Isolation, humiliation, terror: Kylie Moore-Gilbert’s 804 days in a Tehran jail

A Revolutionary Guard fell in love with her, while back home, her Israeli husband had an affair. The Melbourne academic recalls prison life as a suspected spy

Display of Nazi symbols could lead to jail under NSW Labor draft law

Labor caucus approved draft legislation that could send a person to jail for six months, with exemptions for use of the swastika by religious communities

Recapture of Palestinian prisoners highlights Israeli Arabs’ divided identity

Citizenship Vs nationalism: After four of six escapees caught; West Bank Palestinians blast Israeli Arabs for allegedly turning them in

Australian academic tells of Iranian plot to trap her Israeli husband

But Kylie Moore-Gilbert arrived home to discover her husband had cheated on her while she was held captive for more than two years

Palestinians risk jail to work in Israel illegally

Thousands of West Bank residents regularly sneak past the Israeli barrier to find employment; salaries are far higher, but they risk exploitation and imprisonment

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