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The Israeli kibbutz dream is alive and well. In Japan

These Japanese communities are carefully designed to imitate the traditional structures of the Israel kibbutz.

Jerusalem dedicates square to Japanese diplomat who saved WW2 Jews

Chiune Sugihara issued over 2,000 visas in Lithuania; his son Nobuki addresses the event, having received last-minute visa after a media report

‘We both feel a bit like an outsider but we connect through humour’

Justine Sless and Noè Harsel co-host Sless to Harsel, an Instagram TV show where they share their enthusiasm for books and writing

Japanese diplomat’s WW2 bravery inspires brewery to make kosher sake

Locals in the hometown of Chiune Sugihara, later honoured as ‘Righteous Among the Nations’ for his actions to save Jews, have literally bottled the spirit of his legacy

The Jewish feminist who changed women’s rights in Japan forever

A new children’s book reveals how Beate Sirota Gordon’s upbringing and chutzpah helped her change a country’s destiny, and then keep mum about it for decades

Second coronavirus case diagnosed in Israel; 200 quarantined

Doctors claim health minister Litzman more concerned with elections than virus, travel warnings issued for South Korea, Japan; 30 Koreans test positive on return from trip to Israel and West Bank

Japanese see ‘Jewish domination’ as a positive, says academic

Japanese history expert says that in Japan, people have concluded that they must learn from the Jewish community, turning anti-Semitism into philo-Semitism

Meet the 11-year-old Japanese Orthodox Jew and champion wrestler

Noah Leibowitz, who won the All-Japan youth championship, calls Israel his second home and his family is contemplating aliyah

Einstein’s candid travel diaries reveal xenophobic observations of Chinese

Private journals kept by the scientist and humanitarian icon show prejudiced attitudes towards the people he met while travelling in Asia

The Fiddler is on a roof in Tokyo – and really enjoying it

The musical’s essential story, a family drama, has transcended language to make it an enduring classic in the land of the Rising Sun

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