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Jeremy Leibler

LISTEN: Adelaide Writer’s Week Director defends controversial speaker

Louise Adler says her role is ‘to operate, not a safe space, but an open space’. ZFA head Jeremy Leibler says while she may not be motivated by a hatred of Jews, her actions have an antisemitic effect.

Plus61J story highlights ‘fertile ground’ used by antisemites

Anti-lockdown investigation provides a valuable reminder of how antisemites exploit right-wing fringe groups in Australia, say Jewish advocacy organisations

PM Morrison : Australia will not take part in Durban IV conference

The UN plans to hold events marking the 20th anniversary of the World Conference on Racism, called Durban IV; State Dept: US will not take part in Durban IV conference

BOOK REVIEW: Frank portrait of a leader who made his mark

DAN GOLDBERG: Michael Gawenda’s biography of Mark Leibler reveals a man of immense conviction and influence, full of powerful contradictions. It tells a compelling story, regardless of which side of ‘the Leibler line’ you stand

Gap year: ‘the numbers will probably be lower after Covid-19’

In a Plus61J online discussion about the causes of declining participation, ZFA president says further downward pressure from the pandemic could be offset by pent-up demand

ALP candidate’s Israel comments raise questions about acceptable criticism

TONY WALKER: Melissa Parke's decision to step aside under pressure over criticisms of Israel exposes a perennial debate about what limits might be placed on such criticism

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