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Jerusalem Day

Two Jewish marchers arrested in violent Jerusalem Day

Participants in the flag parade attacked Palestinians, threw objects at journalists and chanted 'Death to Arabs'.

Unhappy holidays: Jewish celebrations spark fear for many Palestinians

Jewish and Israeli holidays have become flashpoints for resentment and violence in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, writes SAM STEIN.

Nationalist Flag March displays Jerusalem’s ugly underbelly

Jerusalem Day passed more peaceably than had been feared, despite 70,000 participating in the nationalist flag march through the Old City

Peace activists respond to flag march with flowers

While nationalists waved Israeli flags, peace activists handed out thousands of flowers; PETA JONES PELLACH reflects on Jerusalem’s least lovable day

Israel to let right-wing flag march pass through Muslim quarter

The Jerusalem Day march on May 29 will pass through the Damascus Gate and Muslim Quarter; last year this route sparked a Hamas rocket barrage at the city

Palestinians riot as Jews allowed on Temple Mount for Jerusalem Day

Unrest follows rare decision to let non-Muslims in on final days of Ramadan, as a new study shows large gaps between the needs of the city’s Jewish and Arab residents

Does Israeli ‘peace camp’ need a larger tent?

Looking beyond Rabin Square – Natan Odenheimer – The Jerusalem Post 17.06.17 Activist Noam Shuster-Eliassi believes the Israeli ‘peace camp’ is too Ashkenazi and secular,...

Jerusalem – one city two capitals?

Is it time to divide Jerusalem? - Naomi Chazan - The Times of Israel 06.06.16 From an official Israeli perspective, the notion of a united...

Ultra-nationalism ascendant

Neo-fascists threaten the West. In Israel they've already arrived – Larry Derfner – Haaretz 31.05.16 From America to Austria, belligerent, xenophobic ultra-nationalism is rising. But...

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