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New Jewish Council seeks to draw a line between Jews and Israel

Conflating Jews and Israel fuels antisemitism, argues a new Australian Jewish anti-racism advocacy group.

The discomfort of attending synagogue as a gender-diverse Jew 

SPEEDY SHATARI reflects on the challenges of navigating religious spaces as a gender diverse person during the High Holy Days. 

Spain sparks outrage over antisemitic definition of the word ‘Jew’

The Royal Spanish Academy defines Judío as “a shrewd, greedy person”, and Judiada as “a loathsome trick that harms someone”.

Scomo swaps church for synagogue in Liberal love offensive

BDS attacks on independents, staged public embraces - the government has turned Jewish ‘allegiance’ into an election weapon and cheapened it in doing so

The ‘French Trump’ who has made the far right acceptable for French Jews

COLIN SHINDLER: Presidential candidate Eric Zemmour is Jewish and far-right; a growing number of French Jews believe they have finally found their political champion

Vaccines and the ethics of appropriating the yellow star

Ruth Balint and Jan Láníček: Comparisons between state-sponsored genocide and public health measures are odious; vaccination is a matter of choice, Jews did not have that liberty

Afghanistan’s last Jew flees Kabul for the US

Video shows Zebulon Simantov on a five-day journey across border; he says he wants to go to New York

Last Jew in Afghanistan will stay, and won’t divorce his wife

Taliban spokesman lets slip on Israeli TV that minorities will have religious freedom; Zebulon Simantov quoted saying he will not leave his home

Clichés everywhere in German TV’s ‘Friday Night Jews’ talk show

Tied to a year-long sponsored celebration of 1,700 years of Jewish life in Germany, the state-sponsored program uses humour to familiarise Germans with Jewish culture

French anti-vax protesters compare themselves to persecuted Jews

More than 100,000 people marched against vaccine rules, some wearing yellow stars echoing those worn by Jews in WW2; Polish protesters chant ‘Jews behind the pandemic’

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