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Jewish World

Ode on a Grecian journey

RALPH GENENDE joins PAUL FORGASZ on a Jewish tour of Greece.

‘In Jewish tradition, the woman’s needs are central to the moral equation’

DAN COLEMAN: All three Jewish Supreme Court justices since Roe v Wade were pro-choice. As RBG declared, 'the decision is central to a woman’s wellbeing and dignity'

UK haredim urge teachers not to teach ‘lies’ about age of the Earth

Rabbis reportedly insistent schools should be allowed to tell children Earth was created on date in Bible

Love started in a concentration camp – and has kept going strong

More than 70 years after they met in a camp in Vichy France, Hanne and Max Liebmann reflect on the extraordinary circumstances that brought them together

Israeli government boycotts opening of its own film festival in Paris

Culture Minister pulls out in anger at organisers’ decision to open the festival with Foxtrot, a film that casts a critical light on the Israeli army

Racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric shape tone of Italian election campaigns

A 10-fold rise in hate crimes in just five years is leading to increasingly bold and violent expressions of animosity towards minoritie

Seoul mates: South Korea’s surprising horizons for Jews

From access to kosher food to Korean versions of the Talmud, Jews can find more than they'd think

Canadian academic joins African Masai , wants to preserve environment

After Professor Eric Young's adoption into the Maasai tribe, he quickly came to implement his traditional ”tikun olam” upbringing in a new homeland

This way: The visible signs of Vienna’s anti-Semitic blind spot

The city’s street signs are riddled with homage to notorious anti-Semites

Ultra-Orthodox magazine pixelates women in Auschwitz photo

The popular US weekly, Mishpacha, published a pixelated image of women during the liberation from Auschwitz, in compliance with its graphics policy which forbids pictures of women

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