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What does a typical family look like in the 21st century?

TAMI SUSSMAN sits down for a frank chat with MARINA KAMENEV about her new book on the changing nature of family and the choices now open to us.

For the dead on both sides, it is time to stop

Jewish Australians held a vigil in support of a ceasefire in Gaza in Melbourne last night. MICHELLE LESH delivered this speech.

‘Push back the hate, mate’: Australia fights antisemitism

New anti-doxing laws planned; Sydney rally against antisemitism; property development altered due to fears of synagogue attack.

Australian PM speaks out on antisemitism

Anthony Albanese has described the rise in antisemitism and Islamophobia as the worst social disharmony Australia has experienced in his lifetime.

Facing 2024 as a Jewish student leader

AUJS president NOAH LOVEN considers how Jewish students need to be supported as they confront the growing hostility to any association with Israel on Australian campuses. 

Creating a Jewish ritual for stillbirth

When Judaism didn’t offer rituals for a stillbirth, a grieving couple created their own.

How a Jewish-Arab school in Israel copes with war in Gaza

At her daughter's Jerualem school, some families lost relatives living in Gaza, others to October 7. REBECCA BARDACH says every morning teachers and kids still show up committed to living together.

Search this list of names to find your hidden Middle Eastern family history

Your Jewish family name may enable you to trace your history to Cairo, Alexandria, Baghdad, Damascus, Aleppo or Beirut - even if you think you are from European stock.

Why I didn’t circumcise my second son

As a practicing Jew, ARIEL KAGAN took circumcision for granted. As a medical ethicist, he couldn’t accept it.

On a life of teaching

As the new school year begins, SIDRA KRANZ MOSHINSKY reflects on 18 years shaping the next generation of Australian Jews.

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