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Too much trauma, not enough compassion

The Greens should learn from their mistakes, take the lead and push for collaboration between Jews and Palestinians as steps to conflict resolution.

From the Pope down, the Catholic Church’s leadership failure over October 7

Teresa Pirola is one of the few voices in the Australian Catholic church to have spoken out against the silence of her colleagues over the Hamas attacks.

I’m being gaslighted – and I’m too scared to put my name to this article

An online rumour claims the “Kill the Jews” shouts at the Sydney Opera House never happened. A Jewish witness shares how it feels to have the lived experience of antisemitism denied.

On impossible choice and unfair accusations

JONATHAN FREEDLAND, HOWARD JACOBSON and others on morality, genocide accusations and rethinking dovish misconceptions.

Argentina’s new president embraces Judaism. But will he be ‘Good for the Jews’?

Far-right libertarian Javier Milei often cites verses from the Torah when discussing economic policy. But the largest Jewish community in Latin America is reserving judgment.

Jewish leaders display compassion when Muslims are murdered

Angry about the failure of Muslims to condemn the Hamas massacre, Jewish leaders in the US and Australia are determined not to make the same error when Muslims are killed.  

‘Jews in Ukraine have become Jews of Ukraine’

GALYNA PISKORSKA, now in Melbourne after being forced to leave her country, reflects on how the Russian invasion has changed the relationship between Ukraine and its Jewish community.

South Africa’s continuing Jewish exodus is powered by more than the energy crisis

Loadshedding has scarred the national psyche but the roots of Jewish emmigration are deeper, encompassing economic, personal and political motivations.

Brazil after Bolsonaro: Lula plants green shoots of hope

In his third term, the popular but flawed leader appears to be serious about addressing Brazil’s environmental and social problems.

HOWARD JACOBSON: Some of us look like Einstein, others like Barbie.

To insist only a Jew should play a Jew, is to consent to a demeaning stereotype.

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