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Four possible outcomes of Israel’s Election #5

ALON PINKAS explains possible scenarios for the results of Israel’s tight election and the negotiations which inevitably follow.

Pollsters expect a close call but election #5 could be a gamechanger

CHEMI SHALEV: Netanyahu has his nose just in front. But if he does win, his legacy will be forever stained by creating a racist powerhouse that resembles antisemites of the past. 

Everything you need to know to understand Israel’s election

Israel goes to the polls on November 1. ITTAY FLESCHER explains the who, what and why of the fifth election in four years.

One week out, election poll predicts continued gridlock 

Polls forecast the outgoing coalition will 56 seats, Netanyahu’s bloc could get 60, neither will have a majority.

Petrol, property, poverty… the economy matters in this Israeli election

OSCAR KASPI-CRUTCHETT: Stagnant wages, the pandemic and Ukraine have turned the cost of living into an election issue. Netanyahu has gone on the offensive and the ball is now in Lapid's court.

Short successful Gaza Operation may boost Lapid at polls

Lapid can now shake off the charge of immaturity and inexperience. He even got Benjamin Netanyahu to a briefing.

Why Russia is threatening the Jewish Agency

LIN SHINDLER: The Nevsky church, Ukraine, Iranian gas - the Kremlin's action is perhaps less about antisemitism but more about opposing foreign influence and the West.

Gantz makes a three-horse race for Israel’s PM

Centrist parties merge; Left languishes after coalition failure

Lapid calls for new path in Gaza, as Israel confronts Palestinian past

New PM promotes Gaza economy; Tel Aviv University may recognise it was built on Palestinian land; Protesters want US Embassy moved

Biden’s Israel visit this week: more of a stopover than a destination

DAN COLEMAN: The US President's chief focus in his upcoming Middle East journey is Saudi Arabia; those hoping for progress on Palestine should not hold their breath

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