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Jewish students sue Twitter over growing antisemitism

Twitter will need to confront its failure to moderate antisemitic content on its platform in Germany.

‘Tinder Swindler’ sued by the Leviev family for appropriating their name

Shimon Hayut, the conman who was the subject of a popular Netflix documentary, is accused of damaging the businessman’s family’s reputation

Apple files lawsuit against NSO group, saying US citizens were targets

NSO 'at risk of defaulting' after US blacklisting as Moody's ratings agency drops its credit rating for the spyware company

The mother from Montana who became a leader in fighting a neo-Nazi

DAN COLEMAN tells the story of how real estate agent Tanya Gersh took on and helped defeat alt-right antisemite Richard Spencer

Ikea Israel sued in class action for erasing women from its catalogue

Landmark law suit after furniture company's catalogue, published in Israel for ultra-Orthodox community, deliberately omitted women from pictures

Court rejects Gaza doctor’s claim for apology over death of daughters

SHLOMI ELDAR Ten years on, Israeli court rules that the deaths resulted from civilian in-fighting during Operation Cast Lead. WATCH VIDEO

Israeli woman sues government over men-only driving classes

Lawsuit against transport department and religious organisation that operates the course prompts women’s rights group to file a class action claim

Rabbi sues sex abuse victims’ spokesman over slur

A rabbi forced to step down from a string of public positions after vilifying victims of child sex abuse is now suing their spokesman for defamation

Sara Netanyahu faces lawsuit from former cleaner alleging mistreatment

The former cleaner, an ultra-Orthodox woman, has filed a complaint to the police alleging the PM’s wife verbally abused her and treated her like a “slave”

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