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Time for Jewish leaders to confront systemic racism against First Nations peoples

GEORGE NEWHOUSE: Jewish communal institutions and media seem strangely silent about the systemic prejudice suffered by indigenous Australians

International probe needed over NSO, says Israeli human rights lawyer

BEN LYNFIELD: Eitay Mack says NSO’s ‘symbiotic relationship’ with the Israeli government will prevent any serious probe; only an international commission can get to the truth

Novel charts couple’s slide from Bondi synagogue to a Blue Mountains cult

ANNE SUSSKIND talks to Lisa Emanuel, whose edgy first novel, The Covered Wife, has caused a stir with its warts-and-all portrait of Sydney’s flashy eastern suburbs

Alt-right activist Avi Yemini sued by Melbourne gangland lawyer over defamatory post

Zarah Garde-Wilson has initiated legal action against Yemini, now a correspondent for Canadian-based alt-right website Rebel News

PODCAST: Ashley talks with comedian Michael Shafar

Michael Shafar talks to Ashley about why he chose comedy over the law, his battles with testicular cancer, and how to stay on the right of the line an era of political correctness

PODCAST: A lap of Caulfield Park – Ashley talks to anti-death penalty advocate Sara Kowal

Ashley talks to prominent criminal lawyer Sara Kowal about her career in the law, her advocacy against the death penalty, and vague ties to Melbourne's gangland wars

Passion for climate advocacy will help Joel pass the rocking chair test

Joel Lazar, inaugural CEO of the Jewish Climate Network, talks to Kate Mani about the importance of climate action and how Jews can make a difference

UK lawyer faked graffiti attack to frame pro-Palestinian group

Matthew Berlow is facing fines and criticism for faking a graffiti attack on his home in order to discredit the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC)

Haredi lawyer’s job is to save Israel’s relationship with the Diaspora

Omer Yankelevich is the first ultra-Orthodox woman to be appointed to a ministerial position. But will she be Israel’s bridge to the Jewish world or an obstacle?

Mohammed’s battle for a better future for the people of Gaza

Manar-El-Sharif talks to Mohammed Mater, lawyer and social activist about the fallout after Hamas arrested him for helping to organise a bike ride with Israelis

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