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University of Adelaide rejects IHRA definition of antisemitism over free speech concerns

University statement refers to ‘the right to express lawful views about controversial matter’; ZFA criticises decision over ‘unwillingess to engage’ with the definition.

Compromise enables Habonim Dror Australia to renew Israel programs

Under the agreement between two rival Labor Zionist movements, the programs will have a youth leader from each group

Israel-Palestine a prickly reality for Australian Jewish uni students

Oscar Caspi-Krutchett asked students about their experiences and was told campus sympathies lean heavily to one side but the intensity behind them varied significantly

‘The Beinart solution’: Unrealistic proposal or a wake-up call about the occupation?

Is the idea of an Israeli and Palestinian state, side by side, now obsolete? Australian Jewish community leaders are divided over US writer Peter Beinart’s essay advocating a single, binational state, based on equal rights for Jews and Palestinians

Time to fix the conservative bias of Australia’s Jewish community bodies

Oscar Kaspi-Crutchett: Leadership groups such as ZFA and ECAJ must do more to represent the breadth of political attitudes in the community. If not, do they genuinely represent us?

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