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Beyond Leifer: Dassi Erlich tells her story

No longer restricted by the battle to bring her abuser to justice, DASSI ERLICH has published the full story of her brutish home and the ultra-Orthodox community that failed her. She talks to MICHAEL VISONTAY.

Leifer sentenced to 15 years for abuse that had a ‘devasting impact’

Judge hands former principal non-parole period of 11 years and six months for abuse over four years that left sisters filled with shame, unable to trust others and subject to triggering attacks that put them in and out of hospital.

Another historical child sexual abuse case in Melbourne’s Orthodox community reaches court

As the Leifer trial draws to a close, Velvel Serebryanski has been charged in a separate case with offences dating back to the 1980s.

Leifer faked mental illness and should be denied sentencing discount, court told

Prosecutor says Malk Leifer’s long attempt to avoid justice by feigning illness should disqualify her.

Nightmares, self-harm, miscarriage: Sisters reveal  legacy of abuse 

Malka Leifer watched from prison as the sisters she abused delivered their victim impact statements during a pre-sentencing hearing on Wednesday.

Leifer sentencing process to start in June

Former ultra-Orthodox Jewish principal and now convicted sex offender Malka Leifer will face a pre-sentence hearing in June.

A 12-year struggle for justice ends as Leifer found guilty

The verdicts, the timelines and the implications of the trial of former Adass Israel principal Malka Leifer, one of the most notorious cases of abuse in the history of Australia's Jewish community.

Leifer jury still deliberating, hung on some charges

The Leifer jury has reached a verdict on some charges but is still working to get agreement on others.

Two charges dropped in Leifer trial

wo charges have been dropped against former ultra-Orthodox Jewish school principal Malka Leifer as they predate when the relevant legislation came into effect.

Ex-teacher Leifer allegedly claimed accuser was needy

A woman allegedly sexually abused by former ultra-Orthodox teacher Malka Leifer told a counsellor she was told the abuse was to help get her over her neediness.

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