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Deflating ‘draw’ marked the transition from old Israel to the new

Remembered today for Israel’s under-preparedness and massive loss of life, the war was a watershed in the decline of the Left and rise of the Right

Diaspora Jews hardly recognise the Israel they once loved

Among the gutting outcomes of Netanyahu’s Coalition with the far Right will be a widening gulf between the Diaspora and Israel.

Only one woman is on Likud’s top 10 candidate list

Leading right-wing party pits women against one another as new survey shows almost two thirds of Israelis identify with the Right.

60 percent of Israeli Jews favour segregation from Arabs

New surveys show Israeli Jews have swerved to the right; Netanyahu bloc more likely form government in new election

Likud MKs erupt over Knesset speech given in Arabic about electricity law

Vote on the electricity law, which seeks to connect Israelis in unrecognised Bedouin villages to basic infrastructure, passed 61-0 after an opposition boycott

Journalists covering Netanyahu trial harassed and attacked by ex-PM’s supporters

One was struck with a cane, which dislodged his yarmulke; complaint filed against Likud MK for tirade threatening to jail leftists ‘in pens’

Miri Regev for PM? Former minister says stop voting for ‘white people’

Regev faces backlash after saying ‘white DNA’ rules Likud, comparing Sephardim to African Americans, and saying Israel is controlled by ‘a Western elite’

The destructive spirit of ‘Bibi-ism’ lives on in opposition

EETTA PRINCE GIBSON: Abusive insults, obnoxious misogyny, reflexive disagreement - Netanyahu's title has changed but not his tactics, as he tries to discredit his successor

Netanyahu is at the cliff’s edge, prepared to take a weary Israel down with him

COLIN SHINDLER: Perhaps his decline reflects the beginning of the decay of the Israeli Right. Bennett, Saar and Lieberman felt so betrayed by him that they left to form their own parties

Likud fixer to head Knesset panel controlling legislative agenda

Party stalwart Miki Zohar to head key committee until new government formed; Likud leans on far-right Smotrich to support him in coalition; Shas leader demands term as PM

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