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Book reviews: lotteries, dating, psychiatry and cooking

AVIVA LOWY takes a chance on a book about lotteries, explores modern romance rules, delves into identity and learns Jewish Italian cooking.

What if the Hebrew literary centre moved from Israel to another country?

MATI SHEMOELOF says one of the aims of his new novel, The Prize, is to expand the boundaries of the Hebrew language beyond Israel’s borders

Amos Oz in Mandarin: the Chinese who adore Hebrew literature

Professor Yang Yang decided to learn Hebrew in Peking University because 'enough students were studying Arabic'. He now translates and speaks a Hebrew that any Israeli would envy

Surprising importance of famous author’s predictable literary prize

There’s something satisfying about the State of Israel awarding one of the government's biggest critics, David Grossman, with its most important prize

‘Where the Line Is Drawn’ – a review

Where the Line Is Drawn review – can a friendship survive the occupation of Palestine? – Ben Ehrenreich – The Guardian 10.05.17 The West Bank...

How Jews became a people of the books

How Jews became ‘people of the books’ – Daniel Burke – CNN 12.04.17 For a people that lived in diaspora for more than 1,800 years,...

Crime (and censorship) in Ramallah

Palestinian Authority bans novel for ‘threatening morality and public decency’ – Amira Hass – Haaretz 10.02.17 The ban and book confiscations have evoked criticism and...

An improbable journey

David Shulman’s improbable journey through language – Daniel Bezalel Richardsen – Tablet Magazine 03.02.17 The Israel Prize-winning Hebrew University scholar, a native of Iowa, tackles...

Review: ‘The Waiting Room’ – a novel by Leah Kaminsky

If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at...

An interview with Howard Jacobson

Parliament, Palestinians and pornography: an interview with Howard Jacobson – J. P. O’Malley – The Times of Israel 30.01.17 The renowned writer has a host...

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