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Private militias? Israelis form armed self-defence groups to protect neighbourhoods

BEN LYNFIELD: Last year’s riots and recent terror attacks have pushed Jewish citizens to take security into their own hands, raising concerns about private militias

DATELINE LOD: ‘I believed in the idea of coexistence, but not anymore’

EETTA PRINCE-GIBSON visits the epicentre of Jewish-Arab violence and finds agreement on just one thing: there is no more common ground

Islamist party leader faces calls to resign after visiting burned Lod synagogue

Abbas’ non-partisan gesture echoed by Israeli police chief, who enrages minister by condemning ‘terrorists from both sides’; Arab Israelis go on strike over Gaza attacks

‘There is no excuse for rockets, or for violence on the streets’

In this post when the violence erupted last week, PETA PELLACH is ashamed and furious as Jews and Arabs turn on each other

Riots between Jews and Arabs in Israel take Gaza conflict into uncharted territory

Curfew imposed on mixed city of Lod after mob attacks by both sides; Arabs say they’ve reached boiling point; Netanyahu vows to restore order ‘with an iron fist’

US Muslim congresswomen targeted in fake news operation

Australian researchers find Israeli-based group behind Facebook campaign to spread disinformation about Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib

‘When you arrive, you realise it’s 100 times more complex than you imagined’

Australian woman Amelia Lowensohn talks to Daniella Silverstein about the rewards and surprises she experienced through the Yahel Social Change Fellowship in Israel

Settler teen convicted of terror offences over attacks on Palestinians

Suspect found guilty of hurling smoke grenades and Molotov cocktails into populated homes, stoning and torching vehicles and brutally assaulting a farmer, between 2013-16

Israeli Arab rapper rattles some, inspires others

Like hero Tupac, Israeli Arab rapper’s music provokes – Majeda El-Batish – The Times of Israel 03.12.16 Hip-hop artist Tamer Nafer spits controversial lyrics that...

Mixed neighbourhoods growing in Israel

A growing Arab middle class makes a home in Jewish cities – Shuki Sadeh - Haaretz 25.12.15 The community aspires to services better than what’s...

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