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Maddy Blay

Hatikvah earns two seats for World Zionist Congress

Maddy Blay and Liam Getreu will be delegates to represent Australian progressive Zionism at the 38th congress of the global Jewish policy and fundraising body

VIDEO: Jewish climate protesters speak out at Melbourne rally

MADDY BLAY walked and talked with members of the Jewish Climate Network at last Friday’s rally in Melbourne

Forget comparisons, focus on the children separated from their parents

Holocaust comparisons are secondary to what is happening on the ground in Trump's America, writes MADDY BLAY. In the US, Australia and elsewhere, children are being detained in facilities that many consider akin to concentration camps

Australian Jews have an obligation to speak up for Indigenous treaty

MADDY BLAY Jews in Australia need to keep working to support the right of Indigenous peoples to self-determination, just as we ask the same of the world.

Birthright: It’s not enough to organise meetings with ‘good pro-Israel Arabs’

MADDY BLAY: While it is not surprising that Arab citizens of the State of Israel have been scapegoated yet again by Israeli institutions, it is nonetheless deplorable

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