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Right-wingers portray Netanyahu as the new Dreyfus

PM’s supporters clash with anti-corruption protesters outside attorney general’s home as reports say Rivlin won’t extend Netanyahu’s mandate

Indictment hearing: Gatekeepers must put Israel before Bibi

Watchdog says his lawyers have made a mockery of process and should be seen as waiving right to next week’s hearing; Palestinians look beyond him to political equality

Netanyahu’s first priority: persuade public he should still run the country

The prime minister must now carry a new millstone around his neck, and it will weigh him down in the Israeli election and in his dealings with world leaders

Netanyahu to be indicted on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust

As PM lashes out at ‘smear campaign’ in TV address, opposition calls on Netanyahu to resign and says sitting in government with him ‘will be out of the question’

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