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When Israel secretly decided to erase the Green Line

Minutes of top-secret cabinet meetings in 1967 reveal how the decision to erase the Green Line from Israel’s official map was made. The Line wasn't the only thing that was erased.

Apple and Google accused of removing Palestine from maps after false info in post

The claims appear to stem from a viral Instagram post, which accused the pair of “officially removing” Palestine from their maps, despite it never being labelled in the first place

Israel at 69 – a distorted portrait

The Miracle of Occupation Nation – Chemi Shalev – Haaretz 01.05.17 It's easier to celebrate Independence Day when you blot out millions of disenfranchised people...

Palestinians not the only map zappers

Official map of Jerusalem’s Old City omits key non-Jewish sites – Nir Hasson – Haaretz 04.04.16 Official map distributed to visitors features one Muslim site...

76% of Israeli textbooks don’t show Green Line

The one-map solution – Tod Gitlin – Tablet Magazine 19.02.16 The occupation of the West Bank—military, political, and financial—turns out to be cartographical as well…...

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