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A callous disregard for human suffering

The overriding message of Monday’s march is that the protesters' hatred of Israel – and contempt for Israelis – trumps their concern for human suffering.

VIDEO: Far-Right figure at pro-Putin march in Sydney says Jews are poisoning the planet 

At Night Wolves march, Riccardo Bosi says he supports Russia because they are killing Jews: “The Russians are fighting the Khazarian mafia (code for Jews) in their homeland."

Appeal court quashes ruling allowing Jewish prayer in Al Aqsa compound

Decision upholds ‘status quo’ which allows Jews to visit but not pray; US pushes Israel to reroute Jerusalem march this Sunday away from Muslim Quarter

Israel to let right-wing flag march pass through Muslim quarter

The Jerusalem Day march on May 29 will pass through the Damascus Gate and Muslim Quarter; last year this route sparked a Hamas rocket barrage at the city

Shin Bet claims Kahanist MK posed national security threat

In rare comment, security service says allowing Itamar Ben-Gvir to march in Old City last week would have caused significant harm

Police block route as far-right marchers head to Jerusalem’s Muslim quarter

Far-right MK Ben-Gvir joins marchers; 20 people breach barriers to reach Damascus Gate; Lapid says Jerusalem status quo won’t change; Al-Aqsa clashes spread to Jordan

Organisers cancel right-wing flag march planned for Jerusalem

Decision was made after police said they would not let nationalists march through the Muslim quarter on Thursday, to avoid inflaming tensions

Four Jewish Israelis charged with attempted murder of Palestinian after Jerusalem march

Indictment says the suspects decided to assault an Arab after walking in a right-wing march; four Arabs arrested for allegedly attacking Jewish family in Israel's north

As Gazans take stock, Israeli politicians attack Netanyahu over limited success

While some MKs say ceasefire agreement is ‘embarrassing’ and doesn’t change the threat from Hamas, Jews and Arabs march in Tel Aviv for coexistence

Israeli-Arab mothers march to Jerusalem to protest violence, crime

Numbers grew as bereaved mothers walked from Haifa to raise awareness of violence in Arab society; they reached Jerusalem on the weekend

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